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Acronis True Image 11 Home for US$ 9.99

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I found the deal posted on OzBargain.

Interesting comment from OzBargain above:
You can get an extra 10% off (down to $8.99) if you click on the “Buy Now for $9.99” link on the page, then press the “back” button on your browser. You’ll get a pop-up page saying:

“If you mistakenly left our store while trying to purchase, you may resume your purchase and receive a 10% discount by clicking on the Check Out button below.”

Press the check out button and you get an extra 10%/$1 off the already low price. I’ve just made a purchase and it works.
--- End quote ---


That one might have been posted first, but it's almost impossible to find because it's in the README thread.  :down:

Thanks for posting it in its own thread, icekin. :up:

Actually there is an even better deal available here:

$9.99 for True Image 11 Plus Disk Director 10

You have to use this code on checkout:

I saw this posted to VUNet this morning and have been depressed all day, having paid full price for Disk Director 10 a month ago  :(

I imagine that TrueImage 12 must be just around the corner and that Disk Director 11 must be in the pipeline, too...


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