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HOW and WHERE to report bugs and suggestions!

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Please use the new BUG TRACKER (see button above) to report bugs and suggestions. If you feel it also needs to be discussed you can report it there and post the exact URL with comments here.

@mouser: Please make this sticky, feel free to add info :)

definitely feel free to in the forum but do also make sure to enter it into the bug tracker when you know its a real bug or a real feature request -
and by all means add a link in the bug report to the forum post and/or vice versa.

the bug/featurequest tracking system is extremely helpful to me and increases the speed at which the issue will get resolved.

Shouldn't the bug tracker have an section
to report bugs and feature wishes
for the forum issues too ?

and for the wiki ?
and for the homepage it self ?



Couple of questions/suggestions for something new.  Do you know of any software that will do the following:

1.  Monitor a file that is periodically growing in size, and notify the user when it reaches a certain size?  I archive email to .pst files and need to know when they are approching the size of a CD so I can burn it and delete it from my hard drive.  Thoughts?

2.  Monitor an application or internal web address to make sure it is active, and report to the user if it is not?  I have a video surveillance piece of software running on a remote PC with a web interface to it (or I can remote desktop into the machine).  I need to make sure the surveillance software is running.  The software won't run as a service (as far as I know), so if the machine reboots due to power outage, etc. it can be days before I realize the system hasn't launched the software and hasn't been recording.  Thoughts?



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