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HOW and WHERE to report bugs and suggestions!

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welcome aboard, jpar5! :) why don't you post the question in the following boards?

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Done.  Thanks!

jpar reminded me i should post here that the bugtracker is disabled for now, because it was becoming redundant with the forum and too hard to maintain; please post bugs in the forum instead, in the section specific for the program you are having trouble with.

I have a tidbit for the next newsletter (at least I think it's valuable :-)

For failing DVD/CD drives:

Even encounter a DVD/CD drive that starts refusing to open? I have, several times. It started happening again with my current drive, so I scoured the web for solutions, since otherwise the drive was working fine.

The solution is easy: take the clear plastic spacer (shaped like a CD) that comes with spindles of CDs and DVDs and leave it in the drive whenever you're done using the drive.

In other words, never leave the drive empty. If you don't have one of these clear spacers, then just leave an old CD or DVD in the drive, one you don't mind keeping there.

This keeps the drive opening and closing like a charm, and extends its life for a long time.

It has been months now since I started using this method, and the drive works perfectly.

Not seeing any bug tracker link at the top of the page


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