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IDEA: Folder name column in Windows Explorer

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This is again relating specifically to Autodesk Inventor and even more specifically to Autodesk Inventor Vault. Inventor is a CAD software to create 3D models and drawing and Vault is a database which keeps track of all the files (Drawing numbers, revisions, links etc). It has a search feature which works fine but which doesn't display the folder in which the files are found which is important. The standard file search of windows does exactly what it should, it displays the file names of all files that meet the search criteria and it shows the names of all the folder in which the files are found. In Vault it is possible to select what file information you want to display for example modified and created dates, file sizes etc. These columns are the same columns which are available in the standard Windows Explorer. My question is, is it possible to create somekind of shell extension which will add a custom column to windows explorer? This column should display the path of the file name (with or without the filename itself). See screenshot attached.

Can this be done within a few hours of coding??

Thanks in advance,

I'm not sure, but I think adding columns to windows explorer isn't exactly a trivial task.
In cae you can't find another solution, XYplorer does this, the search results also display the path of the file.

XYplorer[/url] does this
-jgpaiva (September 04, 2008, 03:59 PM)
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hmm, I dont see that as a column option in xyplorer ? - I'm not that familiar with it but

it's called the "Len" column, I think, (strange name) but it doesnt show anything here -
help says:
Len: Length of the file name, including the full path) in characters. Note that for performance reasons the "Len" column will only be filled with data when visible.Len (Full Path): Shows the hovered filename's length (including the full path).
any tips there ? :)

[edit] "Len" just shows length of filepath in number of characters [/edit]

Tom: when on the normal mode, it isn't important to display the current path.
The only situation where XY shows the path (well, at least that I know of :P), is in search mode.
Search for something, and that column should be the last one.

Windows Vista has the option to add a Folder, Folder name, and/or Folder path. Another option is to install a shell extension that adds a item to the context menu allowing you to open the folder or copy path to clipboard.

Been using a small program I wrote in VB a while back to copy path to clipboard.


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