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IDEA: Folder name column in Windows Explorer

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Thank you for the replies!

jgpaiva/tomos: I personally use XYplorer because it is one of the few explorer alternatives that supports portable file associations. It also has the "Copy fil path" built in to it which I use incessantly. For this purpose though, this is not an option. I need to add a new column to the standard windows explorer because the program in question (Autodesk Vault) uses the same columns as windows explorer.

gogogadgetscott: Vista's "Folder path" is exactly what I'm looking for and the fact that it's already a feature of Vista might be one of the reasons the developer hasn't bothered to address this issue. It will solve itself once people upgrade from XP to Vista. (I hope that last comment doesn't spark an entirely different discussion;) ). It's funny, I made an almost identical program in VB6.0 a while ago and created a tiny installer for it with NSIS. It's called "Copy Full Path" and does just that. But that doesn't solve this problem either because I need to be able to visually see the folder path of multiple files.

Any ideas?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to customize the Vault user-interface to show another field. In fact, it doesn't even appear that you can configure the fields that are shown in the search results page.

The API for Vault definitely provides back the folder information along with the file - so it shouldn't be a problem. But short of writing your own, standalone, search tool - I don't think you can get there from here.


mattmas: "Unfortunately, it's not possible to customize the Vault user-interface", that's why I've been wondering if it's possible to customize the standard windows explorer instead. A few of the columns which can be selected in Vault's search pane seem to be standard windows explorer columns, so I was hoping that if we could add a column to the standard windows explorer it would also show up in the Vault interface. But by the sounds of it, it's not going to be worth the work.


It may look like Windows Explorer - but unfortunately it's not. They're using a grid control from DevExpress which is made to look like that.
It's all custom.


Maybe someone good with C++ and WinAPI can customize this code a little bit:


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