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Your most used SPECIAL programs

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The net gave me all kind of sporting related explanations, those were not the ones I was looking for.

So, let's explain myself a bit. In my youth I always saw TV-series addressed to my age-group. Over the course of years several times an actor appeared who had an enormous chin, shaped like the lower part of a motor helmet. His name I cannot remember but he was always cast in a bad guy's role that ended up in a fail, whatever he did.

People always told me that anybody with that kind of facial feature had a "glass" jaw'. Hence my association with that word and the facial feature from 'Tempie'.

But I do like the series though.  ;)

Back on topic :) 

* Another vote for The Journal
* I also use The Keep for organizing my PbEM notes and resources
* Benubird Pro.  Just started using it recently, but its amazing how I don't even want to get things in 'dead tree' format anymore after I can organize my pdfs so easily.
* geek.Menu, which allows me to organize everything on the go.
* Evernote
* WordWeb
* Zulupad Pro
* Ideamason

And then on my iPhone
* Stanza
* Evernote
* Spreadsheet

* I also use The Keep for organizing my PbEM notes and resources
-wraith808 (March 25, 2009, 09:48 AM)
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"The Keep" ?

The Keep is a 1983 horror film directed by Michael Mann and starring Scott Glenn, Gabriel Byrne, J├╝rgen Prochnow and Ian McKellen. It was released by Paramount Pictures. The story is based on the F. Paul Wilson novel of the same name, published in 1981 (1982 in the United Kingdom).

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The KEEP Toolkit is a set of web-based tools that help teachers, students and institutions quickly create compact and engaging knowledge representations on the Web. With the KEEP Toolkit you can:

    * select and organize teaching and learning materials.
    * prompt analysis and reflection by using templates.
    * transform materials and reflections into visually appealing and intellectually engaging representations.
    * share ideas for peer-review, assessment, and collective knowledge building.
    * simplify the technical tasks and facilitate knowledge exchange and dissemination.

-KEEP Toolkit
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The Keep

Between 1990 and 1996, I amassed a large collection of files, mostly related to RPGs (Role Playing Games), which were posted to various Usenet newsgroups. Since then, most of this type of material has been posted to the web instead and it's just too hard to keep up with it all. Plus it's readily available where it is.

What's more, now that Google is making all of the historic news postings available, this archive is more and more obsolete. I am not actively working on it, and don't expect to any time soon (if ever), but I am leaving it here as-is for those who use it.

The list is divided into eight sections, listing RPG systems, rule supplements, information about or for campaign settings, adventures and ideas for adventures, other GM aids, fiction, humour, and miscellaneous RPG material.

You can follow the links here to see complete sections, or you can search. All fields are searched, so you can find works by particular authors, related to specific game systems, and so on. If this is your first time searching here, please see the list of search tips.

Not everything that I have archived is on these lists; much is of limited interest, and not worth the effort it would take to list it all. Also, there is a lot of "incoming" stuff that I have saved but not yet sorted out. You can use the FTP site and poke around to your heart's content. (The incoming directory is pretty disorganized and willy-nilly, but there's lots of gold in there if you care to do a little mining.)

If there is something you would like to see archived here, please send it to thekeep at trawna dot com and I will consider it. Ditto for bug reports, or if you have copyright-free graphics, or suggestions for graphics, that would work well as icons for the sections ... Keep
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The Keep is dedicated to the Fan Missions created for the classic games Thief: The Dark Project, Thief Gold, and Thief 2: The Metal Age.

-The Keep of Metal and Gold
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The KEEP BBS has been online and operational since 1983. We started on a TI-99/4a home computer running software called "TI-Net" (which is ironic, since it never networked to anything) and now we are a 32-channel MULTI-USER Worldgroup 3.13 system.

What does this mean to you? The internet has brought about the demise of many BBS systems. Why? Because nobody out there knows what a BBS is anymore. And those of us who know about BBS's have found our favorite systems shut down due to lack of participation or support from members.

For those of you who are new to this, a BBS is an abbreviation for Bulletin Board System. Which is exactly what the first BBS's were - an electronic bulletin board where computer users could leave messages in public "Forums" for other people to read and respond to. We had a GREAT time communicating via our computers with people we'd never meet in person.

BBS systems have evolved since then; now they feature more ...

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Maybe a link to the right The Keep? I assume it has to do with some game? Other than that I am totally in the dark on this subject!

Title:    Golden Heroes PBeM
Description:    Notes from a play by email campaign. Includes heroes, setting, archived sessions, and rules.
Location: Heroes
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Finally there's a personal information manager designed specifically for gamers... The Keep v1.0 from NBOS Software. Use The Keep to organize and track all your gaming information. Use it for your campaign notes, campaign logs, maps, handouts,... all the information you need to track for a successful campaign!

--- End quote --- has a bundle with this and fractal mapper (another good program, though I don't use it as much) for $52.  Pretty good deal considering the fact that The Keep by itself is 34.95.

Back on topic :) 
-wraith808 (March 25, 2009, 09:48 AM)
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Spoilsport! :P


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