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Your most used SPECIAL programs

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Hi Wraith808 and the rest,

Is anyone having problems with the recent shutdown of Ideamason? Even following the instructions in their blog I cannot open my program (and all my information is locked there!!!). I'm desperate and would appreciate any help.

Thanks and regards,

Back on topic :) 

* Another vote for The Journal
* I also use The Keep for organizing my PbEM notes and resources
* Benubird Pro.  Just started using it recently, but its amazing how I don't even want to get things in 'dead tree' format anymore after I can organize my pdfs so easily.
* geek.Menu, which allows me to organize everything on the go.
* Evernote
* WordWeb
* Zulupad Pro
* Ideamason

And then on my iPhone
* Stanza
* Evernote
* Spreadsheet
-wraith808 (March 25, 2009, 09:48 AM)
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I just downloaded the program from the link in their blog and installed over my current version and it worked.  I thought perhaps the installer didn't work on a new install, but I just tested that and it does- you have to start the program once on a new install, then start it again to get it to open.  But from there you're golden.  If you're having problems on your computer, I'd try a different one if possible.  If not, you might try to uninstall and re-install.  But I don't know why you'd be having a problem.

Wish I was more help.

..., but when I tried Reshade Image Enlarger I came to realize the difference between being fairly good and being the best. I have been very impressed with Reshade. And shouldn't I: The normal asking price is $150 !!!  ...-Curt (March 23, 2009, 09:30 AM)
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I've just tested it again, and I now remember why I didn't keep it the first time, aside from the cost. In some ways it is plain stupid! The author seriously needs some help on how to make a userfriendly program!

But still  I am mighty impressed with the picture quality! I just want to remind 'you' not to purchase Reshade before testing!
-Curt (March 24, 2009, 08:58 AM)
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My complaint concerned version 1.5 only. Version 2 (Beta) is not stupid in any way. I would recommend it if I thought it would be maintained / updated. But I don't think so. In fact, I think Reshade Image Enlarger has been abandoned; No updates since 2 September 2009!

However, I use Reshade Image Enlarger almost every day, and have merely found one minor bug.

I still use Bulk Image Downloader almost every day, and the above mentioned (abandoned?) Reshade Image Enlarger. For editing my pictures, I have come to *love* both PhotoFiltre Studio X for the "normal" jobs, and Dynamic-Photo HDR for fake HDR jobs (of course they don't have to be fake; I just don't have any genuine HDR series). The main reason I am posting 'now' is that Dynamic-Photo HDR just was updated to version 5.

Dynamic Photo-HDR is a next generation High Dynamic Range Photo Software with Pin-Warping, Anti-Ghosting, Fusion and Color Matching.

Watch Interactive Demo

Full key: $55
Upgrade: $24

Versions for both Windows and Intel-MAC.
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Features In a Nutshell:

    * Easy to understand software with super fast preview
    * Powerful Auto-Aligning, Manual or Auto-Assist Aligning of images with an innovative Pin Warping that can correct all types of misalignment, including camera roll, pitch or yaw
    * Various tone mapping procedures that can create a whole range of images - from smooth photographic tone mapping to very dramatic images
    * Fusion process for realistic looking photography
    * Load and save HDR files

    * Support for 360 Panoramic images
    * Batch Processing to add images to queue and then process them all at once
    * Live HDR preview during various steps, you can see tone mapped image preview even before you create HDR!
    * Real-Time Preview - as you move the sliders you see the changes in real-time
    * Paint the tone-mapping strength where you want it with a brush

    * Many effects like Orton, Sepia, Black/White, Vignette, Mysterious Light
    * You can use Pseudo-HDR process on a single 8-bit source
    * Our new real-time Light Tuner will let you change the Tone-Mapped effect and see the feedback result immediately as you move the Light Orb, without any calculation
    * Color Correction using Kelvin parameters with preview table
    * Match Color will allow you to match your new tone mapped image to any other photo or painting.
-Dynamic Photo-HDR
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My list would have to be something like:

PowerGrep. Probably the most complete RegEx search and replace tool out there, but with an interface that takes some getting used to.

Check & Get. I bought this and also Website Watcher to compare. For me, personally, Check & Get seems to do a much better job. I gave up on WW when I realised that only the first tab could only really be used. To be honest, a bit of a disappointing program.

TrueCrypt. I use this to keep a secure virtual disk for backup copies of all the code we work on, and a lot of client data.

Frink. Open literally the whole time for those off-the-cuff conversions.

And to keep my desktop pretty: SharpClock, ObjectDock, Rainlendar and Rainmeter.

Oh one other thing worth a mention, that you guys should take a look at: FARR  :Thmbsup:


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