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New App! File/Folder Date Organizer

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File/Folder Date Organizer

What's all this then?

Quite simply, this little app will search through a selected folder and
reorganize everything in that folder (keeping relative paths intact) into
dated folders.

need an example? ok:

let's say you have the following folders

c:\my stuff\something old (files in this folder are dated Feb. 2005)
c:\my stuff\something new (files in this folder are dated Mar. 2008)

Select 'c:\my stuff' as the search folder and you'll end up with this:

c:\my stuff\2005-02\something old
c:\my stuff\2008-03\something new

seems simple and useless... that is, of course, unless you have literally
hundreds of folders and random file sitting in that folder!

How does it work?

All files in the root folder are treated as separate entities and put into
their respective dated folders based on their own file date.

All folders in the search directory are kept in the exact path structure
as they sit in that folder. The date is determined by the newest file date
found within that folder and it's subfolders. Because of this, it ideally
works with folders that only have one level of subfolders within itself.
If you use this in folders that have multiple layers of nested folders,
the files/folders being moved to a dated folder will all be grouped by the
very latest file within that entire tree!

Operations can be logged (enabled by default) so you can keep track of
where your files are moved to.

Have fun cleaning up! :)

This application is NOT unicode compliant so it will not move any scrictly
unicode named files/folders.

download link:

Very cool stuff.. could be quite handy.  :up: :up:

Are there different kinds of sorting or only date based?

nice program! will be handy in pruning folders with digital photos. :up:

Following up on kartal's question, it might be nice to be able to choose to sort into A-Z instead of by date.

PS: one thing i like about this is it is smart enough to detect already moved folders so you can run it in same directory over and over and it will just clean up new files  :up:


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