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Anyone Know of a Multi-Monitor Simulator for Software Testing?

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Does anyone know of some software that can allow you to simulate multiple monitors on a single screen? I think this would help me A LOT in my debugging of code I write so that it is multi-monitor compatible.

This is actually a GREAT question.  I don't know the answer but look forward to seeing if anyone knows of anything.

That's a very good idea. Virtual machines should have this feature (I don't know any that does, though :( ).
I would also find it very handy!

Split screen workspace? I would love that.  Multi-monitor on a single monitor...please please please code this. :Thmbsup:

I think that this might be kinda tough to code, if it is even possible, because you would have to go pretty low level in Windows to fool it into thinking you have more than one monitor when you only have one.


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