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Anyone Know of a Multi-Monitor Simulator for Software Testing?

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I don't think you would need to code a driver, although that would be the best way to go....

I think you most definitelly would need to code a driver, to add another monitor to the system. Actually, now I think I know how it can be done.
I think I've already seen some programs out there that make a remove VNC connection (similar to remote desktop) appear as another monitor. Thus, if you run a virtual machine, remote VNC to it from it to your real machine (running a VNC server as the 2nd screen) and then use it as another monitor, you'll be able to test stuff in 2 monitors whithout actually having 1 computers! :)

[edit] One example of the kind of VNC software I mentioned is Maxivista, but I think there are others [/edit]
[edit2] made a correction in the post [/edit]

PS: I've used some other software to do this in the past to another computer of mine in the network, and it works fairly well. To the virtual machine, it should be pretty much flawless.

Ok, found the software I used.
It's ZoneScreen. Unfortunately, the site is unavailable, but you can still download it through

SplitView does this (note - I have not tried this software), but it's not free  - $40:

Wow, good finds. I'll have to try one out.


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