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A plugin based information bar in Windows

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There we go, now working great. One question: Why does clicking on the little information bubble on the left make the active window (or desktop icons, if no window is active) go up by several pixels?

Very nice, hope to see some more plugins, but still handy. :)

The bubble is there for two reasons... one is to enter setup if there is no more empty space on the bar due to having alot of plugins loaded. And the second is for multi-monitor setup. If you click and hold the mouse button on the bubble it will release from the desktop and go in to a move mode. You then drag it to another monitor and release it there.

Any plugin suggestions are welcome, I will add them to my todo list.

How about some type of application starter (like QuickLaunch), but with a folder type system (like the Start Menu)?

Here's an idea i have been playing with for a standalone program but it would make a perfect addin for the information bar.
The idea is to let you create progress bars for tasks or events.
An event progress bar item basically just lets you set a start and end date and shows the progress torwards that event (you might even use it to show your remaining expected lifespan), or if you had option for repeating events the progress within the day, month, year.  Does that make sense?
The task progress bar item would just be a bar you could adjust manually.

Both ideas are great, I'll look into them both!

Thank you!


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