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A plugin based information bar in Windows

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I've been tinkering with a new program that gives me information without starting applications or switching windows. It's a simple toolbar that is attached to the top of the screen, and the information is made up of plugins.

I was wondering if there is anyone interested in an application like this. I made a screen recording of what is working today.

It is in an alpha stage... There are a few bugs that I'm having trouble solving.

// Jacob

VERY cool.   :up: :up:

Yes, this looks very useful. If you want better feedback you might consider making an alpha release available for preview. I guess your idea is that you'd publish the plugin API once it's stable, so that others can implement plugins for this application as well?

I will get an alpha out, it's just crazy at the moment with school.

very impressive and has good potential! :up:


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