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Lock a folder down?

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... or :
Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software at

I guess when we start talking encryption software, this one's hard to beat:

My problem with it has always been that it seemed complicated to use and therefore hard to recommend someone like my sister who'd simply like to slap a password on any folder on the system. I'll have to give TrueCrypt another shot. And thanks for the suggestions.. but the first one isn't exactly what I'm looking for, and the second one is situated in a field that TrueCrypt seems to dominate without question. My conclusion: I need to re-check out TrueCrypt.

don't forget bestcrypt, perhaps one of the better known full drive encryption tools:

and drivecrypt as well:

this thread kind of got derailed into encryption... still be nice to hear about more lightweight folder locking/hiding utils.

Yeah. Encryption isn't hard to find.. TrueCrypt is amazing. It's far more advanced than I need it to be, and hell, I don't even use encryption. I wouldn't know what for ;). I probably will start using it to hide the nekkid pics on my HD from those occasional PC hoggers that come as guests...

Anyway.. it's hard to believe there is no free, easy to use app that will allow me to simply slap a password on any folder on the system. It seems so simple! It's all I ask.. a password that will keep any folder locked down. If double-clicked it should simply show a PW dialog.. if you enter the correct PW, it lets you in, if not, well, then not!

Simple enough? I'd think so.


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