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Lock a folder down?

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It's so simple, and yet I'm amazed I haven't found a simple way to do this yet. I mean, it's almost embarrassing! My sister asked me the other day about how she could lock a folder down so she could access it only after entering a password, and well, I couldn't answer that question. I've been looking for this kind of tool myself for months and never found anything that does just that and is secure. Well, nothing short of this, but it's not free :/ Is there no free alternative?

That's a good question.  I also have not found a free or even cheap answer to this.  I purchased FileGhost from recently but I had problems with it on my machine and am waiting for an upgrade.  This software firm produces Dupetrasher for managing duplicate files and I find it very good.


To be fair, Folder Lock is supposed to be excellent. It's supposed to be very good at what it's supposed to do, so that's great. I was just wondering if there's anything in the freeware world similar to it in terms of function, and perhaps even quality.

What happened to this..? Gotta bump it :/

Is this any good?


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