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Anyone know of a Postal Mail Checker?

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I'm tired of having to visit, or to track my packages... does anyone know of a postal mail tracker app for Windows that's just that? A postal mail tracker? Nothing fancy.. just something I can have running, that auto-updates when the status of the package location changes... you get the idea.

This is a nice idea for a web AJAX app too :)

ISTR avery labels had one you could run in Word or standalone that was free that would check addresses for you.
I can probably dig it out at work but that would be monday some time.

Run in word? Hell no.. standalone, please! And what do you mean by "check addresses"?

Whenever you get to it. The thred will still be here on Monday.

sorry, I misread your request somehow. Seems difficult reading back but there you go...

It's not exactly standalone, because you do need to have Konfabulator running, but there is this widget:, and I'm pretty sure that 'Where Is It?', which is one of the widgets Konfab installs automatically can do the same thing.


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