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Anyone know of a Postal Mail Checker?

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I've given up on those widget apps a long time ago.. too bad. I don't like that stuff eating up my resources in the background. I have too much stuff going on at startup that runs residently as it is.. don't need more in that department. I appreciate the suggestion though. Thanks

I use [email protected] at work. I email them and get a reply back.

Here are the others, courtesy of
Use E-MAIL instead of the web to track multiple shipments at one time. Note: Your e-mail software must be set up with your e-mail address as the default reply-to address in order to receive the shipment information.

United Parcel Service
[email protected]
Include a UPS tracking number in the body of your message. Your tracking information will be sent by return e-mail. UPS allows up to 25 packages at a time to be tracked via e-mail.

Fed Ex
[email protected]
Up to 20 shipments can be tracked via one e-mail.
No entry is required on the subject line. In the body of the message type the word "airbill" followed by a space, followed by your package tracking number.Do not include dashes or spaces in the tracking number.
Follow the airbill number with a space and the destination country code. The country code is required even if you are tracking a US domestic shipment.
Follow the country code with a space and the ship date (+/- 4 days) entered in the MMDDYY format.
Each package tracking number must appear on a separate line, formatted as above.
Typing the word "end" will stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature).

Airborne Express
[email protected]
Your e-mail can list up to 20 airbill numbers separated by commas.
The airbill numbers must be in the message area of the e-mail, not the subject line.
Enter only airbill numbers with separating commas. No additional text is needed.

Emery Worldwide
[email protected]
Enter "SN-" (for shipment number) before each number. You may track up to 30 numbers at once. Emery has a very robust email tracking system. Check here for details.

Purolator Courier
[email protected]
List the PIN's you wish to track within the body of the message, one PIN per line. No subject is required.

Roadway Express
Roadway does not have email tracking in the usual sense. It does have a nifty email notification system, which can reduce the need for tracking.

Yellow Transportation
Like most common freight carriers, Yellow requires you to register to gain access to its powerful email monitoring services.

Bax Global
If you are a North American customer of Bax, registering as a secure user will allow you access to email notification services.

ABF Freight Systems
[email protected]
Your tracking inquiry will be answered by a live person, so no particular sytax must be used.
--- End quote ---

I'm already using those, but thank you for the awesome list you put together!

I just went to the individual shipment tracking sites and created a bookmark for each package and put them on my Opera personal bar. Now I can just click each one to see the status. Not bad :)

Thanks for your efforts

Also - you might try typing your tracking number right into Google.

This should work for UPS, Fed Ex, and UPS.

Good tip Dajo ...


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