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Willing to pay for a small code... $$$

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Who could help me with this?

I'm willing to pay for the time (let me know!)

After reading the linked thread, I'd lke to recommend SQLNotes. I'm the developper of this "notetaking" software. It is actually much more than notetaking, but it does that quite well.
- It has user-defined fields where you can enter bibliographical references, categories, etc.
- It support hierarchy so you can add many notes to a single reference. All notes can inherit the bibliographical reference
- It supports hyperlinks so you can link a note to another, to a group of notes, to a web page, etc
- It support both 1-pane and 2 pane rich-text outliner. So you can highlight the outline items and drag-drop web content and references
- Items (and sub-items) can be exported to HTML (and then to Word). Many formatting options
- Foreground and background color, font, etc can be set manually or through some other properties (it supports equations, but you'll likely not need them much)
- Citations can be shown in hierarchy context or without (i.e. separate from context: all citations with a given tag, with specific words, etc)
- Full search and filtering
- Multi-view of your information
- A give citation can appear in many views (i.e. many chapters) and under many parents
- Some GrandView features are being added, namely option to show the content pane within the outline
- The UI is modern and the program is being developped right now.

What it doesn't do is the last part of your cited post, regarding citations creation (but it could generate a numbered list of references)

- A lengthy thread deals with it here:
- The official web site is here:
- It is currently free to use
- I can help in setting it up for you

BTW Superboyac, the author of the Great notetaking review: is totally sold on this  :)

I think SQLNotes would be great too, except for the citation part. (But, eventually, a solution could be found --> linking fields to the "conversion" web pages?? ;) )
The good thing about SQLNotes is that it's VERY flexible and you can set it the way you like. Might seem a bit abstract at first, but it's just a matter of setting everything up and understanding the basic principles.

Eventually, there's also IdeaMason. It didn't work for me, but might for you...

Is there any type of tutorial? A screen cast would be awesome!

Armando: How might it be possible to export the citations you said? I'd be interesting in hearing what exactly was working for you with IdeaMason...

Thanks for the heads up guys!

I found IdeaMason a bit sluggish and limited, not flexible enough for my needs. I pretty much expressed my conclusions in a post I made today. You'll see that I'm not alone in finding IdeaMason a bit restrictive. But you could try it and see for yourself. Some find it perfect for their needs.

I, of course, suggest that you ALSO have a look at SQL-Notes, AND contact PPLandry for help if you need any (I'm available too, but I'm not the developer and my knowledge is much more limited). He's a very very nice guy and will probably get you what you need in a very reasonable amount of time.

For some SQL-Notes screenshots, flash presentation, examples, help, forum, etc. : .

Keep in mind : SQLNotes can be as complex/simple as you want. YOU decide. Still in beta, but already more usefull than most PIMs and note takers out there.

PS : If you already possess Endnote or some similar reference solution, all you need is something flexible enough to structure your ideas. And, like I said in the other thread, it's very possible that the fact that MS Word will be integrated in SQL-Notes in about a week or two, that some of it's referencing plug-ins will too (I don't see why not! Pierre... if you read that :)).


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