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The site is now back online (March 6th, 2008) - Come Say Hello!

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Not yet fortress style really. We're on a pretty-much default softlayer setup now. We're using this as a temporary server so we can take our time setting up the fortress setup. :)

And I am definitively considering virtualization. We can do some performance tests on that when we have the new server, since there won't be such a time-rush.

All non-forum / main donationcoder stuff has always been on a secondary server. (with the exception for that svn server mouser recently installed and seems to have doomed us, though I guess there is no way to be 100% sure)

By the way, i LOVE the cody image!!  :Thmbsup:

ps: f0dder .. since you seem to be monitoring the forum and not the irc channel



Welcome back, great to see the site up and running again! :Thmbsup:

Like it was never gone.  :D


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