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The site is now back online (March 6th, 2008) - Come Say Hello!

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Too exhausted to type more.. Long update will follow later.

But the real credit for the site being back up is due to long time DC member Gothic (John Sennesael) who is single-handedly responsible for migrating us to an entirely new server.  He spent the last 5 days straight working on it, and there was a lot of work involved (we basically re-did everything from scratch and moved from a cpanel system to a manual configuration, and took the opportunity to tighten everything down, clean up a lot of old junk, etc.).

Words cannot express how grateful I am to John and how lucky we all were to have him be willing to put so much work into the process.  Thank you!

[thread discussing what brought us down has been started here]

Welcome back!!!

Thank you, John

Hooray! Thanks mouser and wordzilla and Gothic!

Nice to have our second home back again - this time fortress-style.

Hope you'll consider the virtualization stuff (OpenVZ sounds particularly interesting/appealing to me), or perhaps (if you now have multiple servers, and will keep at least one), move non-forum/main-donationcoder stuff to a secondary server?

PS: perhaps there should still be a notice on the front page about the hack, in the (unlikely? :)) case somebody has been bitten but hasn't checked DC in the down period...


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