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Xobni beta - Outlook Mail indexer and organizer

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I'd still like to hear from anyone using it before I re-install - why needlessly mess with a sold setup (when I can let somebody else bork their system first!)  ;D
-Darwin (March 26, 2009, 12:15 PM)
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Zactly!!  :Thmbsup: I'll be waiting in the wings with you, Darwin  :beerchug:

Just got an email announcement about this from Xobni that says, in part:

Version 1.7 dramatically improves the performance and reliability of Xobni. Users will observe the following improvements:
•   Outlook now starts 31% faster*
•   Xobni Profiles now load 42% faster*
•   Users can control how often and how much data xobni indexes
•   Users can control when Xobni is running
* Users with large inboxes will experience more dramatic improvements. We made these improvements for you!

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I used it and took it off shortly.  My computer at work is already slow, and Xobni dragged it way down.  And I didn't really use it at all.


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