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Why Miranda might blow you away (do you use IRC, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo,

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huge? Whats funny is, trillian is using 4000K Private Bytes, thats less than 4MB of RAM. Miranda, when it was running on my system, averaged 6-7MB. So whats this about huge?

miranda 0.6.5: ~1.1meg download.
trillian 3.1: ~8.58meg download.

Additionally, trillian needs to download extra support files for the necessary protocols - ~245kb for icq/aim, ~211kb for msn.

The trillian installation takes a fair amount of time, it almost seems as they added Sleep() calls to make it seem more "important" than it is (why would DirectX or QuickTime installation checks take around half a second each?)

Trillian loads relatively slowly, the interface is skinned (and doesn't show window contents while being resized), has OfficeXP style menus, et cetera.

As for memory usage with ICQ and MSN protocols loaded:;

miranda: 5000kb private bytes, 560kb working set size
trillian: 31.344kb private bytes, 26.288kb working set size.

Oh, and trillian doesn't even support MSN custom emoticons.

While trillian might load slowly, the fact that I have to, on several systems, reload miranda more than 3 times per day on a clean install negates the load time as I have to take extra time to relaunch miranda after a crash.

As for memory usage, again, I am showing 4K private bytes with a working set of 8.4K

Also, the fact that trillian seems to have fewer issues connecting to various different clients and accepting their text formatting is a huge plus. All 4 of my bug reports regarding miranda screwing up with other clients have been negated as "Cant reproduce here" and then closed.

As for memory usage, again, I am showing 4K private bytes with a working set of 8.4K
--- End quote ---
Weird, which version? I just did the test of trillian 3.1 (free). Working set of 8.4kb can't be right anyway, except if you've minimized all open trillian windows and it uses some dirty hacks.

Miranda does crash sometimes, but I only experience it with file transfers - so not that big a loss for me. Lame that it does crash, though, no doubt about that.

And I'm happy that Miranda doesn't do any text formatting, that's a plus for me :)

Well I said Trillian Astra for a reason.. I can't wait for it to come out :). Of course we can't say anything about its performance just yet, but if what Cerrulean is promising is anywhere near true, it will perform well, and certainly better than Trillian 3.1.

Trillian 3.1, even at its incredible age for software (how old is the current build? 2+ years!?) is still the best multi protocol IM client I have ever found.


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