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Why Miranda might blow you away (do you use IRC, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo,

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Trying Miranda - your link doesn't work by the way (either page doesn't display or I am told connection was refused).

It is certainly minimalistic - perhaps a bit too much for me, but it is nice to have different networks in one interface.
-CarolHaynes (October 13, 2005, 06:51 AM)
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Strange, page opens here without a problem...

Minimalistic? Yes, on default... but if you like, you can blow it up to look more or less like the original MSN/ICQ/Yahoo or even way better! That's another thing I like about Miranda :) The folks in #miranda on are mostly friendly and the forums are nice too.

Some examples of what is possible:

Interested? Then check out for a quick-start guide, is the main site.

It sure isn't suitable for people who got their first PC a few days ago, but it's perfect if you love many options and even more plugins to choose from!

Miranda rocks! Miranda rocks!

Carol Haynes:
Thanks, I'll carry on playing ...

The link now works - must have been a site glitch

i actually like miranda's minimalistic default interface (though nice screenshots!)

as brotherS says, feel free to test it out by joining us in the official irc #donationcoder channel on efnet irc.

Miranda is great. I don't use it at home but I keep it on my USB Drive along with portable Firefox and Thunderbird. Great for when I'm out of town...just pop my jump drive into any computer and I'm connected to my contacts instantly. Lot's of great plugins too.

Never, ever would I use this in place of mIRC way!

Miranda is great.

Never, ever would I use this in place of mIRC way!
-Nighted (October 14, 2005, 02:46 AM)
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Well, if you want/need to use lots of scripts you really MAY want to use mIRC.

If you want all the really important basic stuff and a few scripts plus a really nice, very customizable GUI you'll want Miranda (I do).


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