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Any new ideas for small utilities?

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If anyone has an idea for a small little utility (the smaller the better!) that hasn't been done well yet, please post your ideas - i'm always looking for small little projects that can be written in a week or so.

How about a tool to search through your harddisk and find all icons (both ico and embedded in exe or dll files), and display them in a nice way. Letting you sort/filter on different criteria, and save any you might find useful.

it's a good idea but its been done a lot; there are tons of apps that do this and do it well :)

Ok. Could you post links to a couple of the best ones?

i have to admit i've not explored the icon extractors - i've been meaning too but havent yet;
maybe something to investigate and then review..

i just found some random ones:
Icon Scanner -
Icon Catcher -

i'm sure there must be some good free ones too..
seems to me one feature that would be nice would be dupe checking.


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