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What kind of tagging system would be appropriate for DC?

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I would be interested in attempting to explore a tagging system that could make DC more palatable to those who might find some of the raw discussions here an unpleasant experience.  I am not attempting to censor what is said, but only to provide sign posts to any that may have a preference to not expose themselves to some questionable verbiage.   

But, weren't we going for a complete tag system? What you're proposing is only restricted to NSFW-kind of posts

Maybe, but I felt that a wider perspective should be considered.

I don't know what Wordzilla has in mind for the system, but I suppose we could have a list of predefined tags for people to choose from, as generic as possible. You'd have to select from a list that appears after you wrote and submitted your post, you highlight all the tags you like for the post, and after another submittal, the post is up on the forum.

Personally, I like a free system, in where you could input as many tags as you like, but it could end up turning into a hell of a system, with people using different tags for the same concepts, thus creating a folksonomy problem. One upside of this method is that we could have a single field after the "Title" field (when you're writing your reply/starting the thread), and use tag after another using a separator. The first system could also be implemented in the page where you write the post, but it's not as cleaner in my opinion, unless we use a little number of predefined tags.

I wonder if both systems could be used together, using a system like the one the Delicious extension for Firefox employs, suggesting tags based on other tags you already created (in this case, predefined tags in the forum).

I hope all this blabbering makes sense...

As long as I can continue to post and read the forum just like today without any interference, I don't care much how this tagging system would be implemented. I won't be forced to tag a thread I start. I think if tagging is forced in any way, I'd probably just wouldn't bother posting a new thread if I wasn't absolutely sure what to tag it. Not talking about NSFW here, all kinds of tags ;)


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