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What kind of tagging system would be appropriate for DC?

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A good addition for people that don't want to take more than steps than necessary when posting in the forum would be scanning words in the message in search for particular ones defined in another list, like say, if your post contains the words "pr0n" and "game", then the system would compare the words against the list, and say "look, "pr0n" corresponds to NSFW, and "game" belongs under fun (or whatever), so I'll tag the post with NSFW and fun". I don't know if such kind of thing is feasible from a technical standpoint, if it will kill the server (Wordzilla is an expert with this :P), etc.

Of course, there's the possibility that the system does not find any particular word, so the post will go untagged.

Tagging should be invisible for people who don't feel like drinking the kool-aid.

i think tagging should be as unobtrusive and invisible as possible, except when you explicitly need it.
you dont need to see tags when reading posts, and a very small place to optionally fill in tabs on the post form should suffice, with some nice javascript to help you select appropriate tags IF you choose to tag your post.

i really do not want to add any noise to the forum, so i see no reasons to be displaying tags when you browse the forum normally.

maybe where tags can play a more robust roll is if you explicitly want to browse or search by tag labels by going to a special page.  the blog system will be moved to use the new tagging system, so that we can blog items by tagging them with specific tags.  (because of this it means there have to be some tags that only moderators can set).

id also like to make a way for some users (moderators only?) to be able to list threads that have not yet been tagged and let them easily tag threads in bulk.

Why not build upon an existing tagging mod like:

This is a very typical tagging system as found on blogs and it works quite well - I use a system like this for my blog.

Since my forum is a testing ground for me I added the Tag Mod so if you want to check it out:

You will notice a new 'Tag' tab on the tab menu and a new tag bar at the very bottom of the post.


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