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new FARR Plugin : Delicious - built on the Javascript SDK : FScript

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Delicious plugin
The delicious plugin allow you to explore your bookmarks stored on the site

Download the latest version at and decompress it to farr/plugins/delicious.
Important information : Configure your username and password in the advanced options of the plugin.
If this is the first time you try the plugin, type dpu so that the plugin download the list of posts or dtu to get the list of tags.
The plugin is based on the javascript SDK (FScript.dll ) which may require that you install the Windows Script Control Host which you can get at :

List of commands
dp : list delicious posts
dpu : list delicious posts and update local copy if necessary
dt : list delicious tags
dtu : list delicious tags and update local copy if necessary
dp and dt are a bit faster since they only work on the local copy of the posts or tags.

FScript : Javascript SDK
The principle of fscript.dll is the following :
Put the dll in a folder next to a file named fscript.js. FARR will call you on onSearchBegin and on onRegexSearchMatch. You can call FARR.emitResult to publish results.

The SDK has finally got a documentation packaged with a sample. You can get the last version at :

I hope to see a lot of little baby script plugins.


oh my gosh this is a wonderful post  :-* :-*  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Am i misunderstanking this, or is this a javascript plugin SDK for farr?

If so... You're a genious, ecaradec :D

Yes it's a javascript SDK for FARR. It is still a bit limited : only plugins that publish results can be written now. It should  be good enough for many uses.

Genius! Pure Genius!


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