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DONE: Complex HTML Tag Assembler

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I don't know if this is a "Snack" or if it is too big...

There are many HTML coders who don't use an IDE that writes tags for them.  And even the ones that do write their own tags sometimes don't include the properties you might want. This request is for an app that stays in the system tray and pops up when clicked. 

The user would choose what html tag they want, then be taken to a screen much like the screenshot I've created (and tried to attach) below.  I created this mockup from scratch out of HTML  They would type in or choose the attributes they wanted, then click a button so they could then paste the auto-completed tag into their text-editor.

When this is developed, I hope that the following feature can be added to seriously extend this app's flexibility: That you could add more tag configurations to it.  I can't really think of too many complex HTML tags (i.e. with lots of attributes) at the moment.  But ColdFusion (what I program in) is a tag-based scripting language that has lots of tags that are complex.  If you could add tag configurations, you could also add xml tags, too.

I can think of lots more features to add to this, but I think it may already be too much for a "Snack."

* Typing in the box (or selecting a drop-down option) automatically checks the "include" checkbox.
* When you click "Copy and Close", it writes the tag text to the clipboard and reduces the program to a systray icon.
* (Optional) When you click "Save", it stores this tag into a stack of most recently saved tags.
* (Optional) When you click "Load from Clipboard", it takes the tag you have in your clipboard and loads it into the tool.

Nice idea.
But why don't use you an editor how support you ?

Like the great freware editor PSPad

i like this idea a lot.. i'm going to think about it a little
it's a bit like the app on this site called "the form letter machine" but with fields and stuff.

stefan i don't understand what you are showing us.. a way to do this already in pspad?

Yes, PSPad has an feature called Clips to insert recur coding snips (or your address or such things)
and Interactive clips to build such windows i show in my last post.

--- ---What are Interactive Clips?
   Clips insert text in to your file. Standard clips insert fixed text defined by the clip content.
 Interactive clips allow you to modify the content of the clip definition before
 it is inserted into your file using clip macros.
You do this by defining your clip macros to use various Windows controls
such as text boxes, combo boxes and checkboxes.

--- ---Clip Macro Format:
 The clip macro format is as follows 
 %control%[email protected] caption,text,default,options,delimiter,dialog_type 
 %control% The name used in the clip body.
The name must contain only alphanumeric characters - no spaces or punctuation characters. 
 @x    Type of control. One of 
 @-- = Separator 
 @C = Combo box 
 @D = Date dialog 
 @E = Text box 
 @F = Font selection dialog 
 @K = Checkbox 
 @L = Colour picker dialog 
 @O = File Open dialog 
 @P = Picture selection dialog 
 @S = Directory selection dialog 
 @T = Topstyle 
     See below for further details. 
This text will appear as a label for the control in the dialog. 
Optional fixed text that will be inserted into your file immediately the value you enter in to the control. 
The default value. This value will be used if you don't enter a value of your own in to the control. (optional) 
Depends on the control used, see below (optional). 
These optional Characters will be inserted around value entered into the control (optional).
Only used when @x = @O (optional). One of: 
 A = Absolute path and slash type, or 
 R = Relative path and slash type 

The "code" for the interactive IMG dialog box is:

--- ---[img | image]
<img %srcp% %alt% %title% %name% %class% %style% %align9%
 %border% %height% %width% %hspace% %vspace% %on% %controls%
 %dynsrc% %ismap% %longdesc% %loop% %loopdelay% %starto% %language%>
The macro for %srcp% (see code above) is:

--- ---%src%[email protected] object src=,src=,,objekt file  (*.*)|*.*,"
The macro for %alt% is:

--- ---%alt%[email protected] alt=,alt=,,,"
In your document you type img and press an shortcut to get the dialog.
If you ready with the dialog, press ENTER or OK
and PSPad will fill in your document all the code you need:
<img src="c:\Test.jpg" alt="an Test" align="baseline" height="110" width="120">
--- End quote ---

or if you fill more details in the IMG dialog e.g.
<img src="C:\Test222.gif" alt="this is the ALT TAG" title="here the title"
name="NAME" class="CLASS" align="middle" border="1" height="85" width="250"
 hspace="2" vspace="3" onMouseOver="" language="JavaScript">
--- End quote ---

There are such dialogs for mostly all HTML TAGs.

Or you could create your own dialog boxes
like this HTML META-Tag Generator

One could download PSPad in an CAB archive, unpack and test them
or i put the HTML.def file wich contains the stuff above
and the PSPad help file
for an preview
as attachement on this post. (delete the .txt extension)

what can i say but WOW!

it's a little overwhelming but seems very powerful and nice.

thanks so much for this post stefan, sounds like david is going to be happy (though probably a bit overwhelmed like me) :)


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