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[feature request] multiple run

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of course if you wanted to do it now you could just put that list of programs to launch in a .bat file and have farr launch the batch file.
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of course ;D (even better in a ahk file...)

but i think it would be much more elegant within FARR
and one day maybe FARR will be distributed with a On-screen messaging system, sounds etc.

PS: multiple runs is a feature in many app launchers... FARR being the best... i cannot imagine FARR without it  :P

Oh! I thought you meant multiple instances of FARR :-\ Couldn't figure why would you want to do that  :-[

Oh! I thought you meant multiple instances of FARR  Couldn't figure why would you want to do that 
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well i'm pretty sure someone could find a use in running multiple instances of FARR  :)

Hi Mouser,
I know this is an old thread and if it has been resolved elsewhere I apologize but i think the feature it is a worthwhile addition considering this is FindAndRUNRobot.

Consider the following situation:
One of my jobs in IT Support so I'm constantly hopping from machine to machine with the need for different tools each time. There are however some that I know I will need EVERY TIME.
FARRv2 is running from a USB key. It is in use as the primary launcher for a whole swag of portable apps on that drive. I've previously used the platform but with the number of apps I have it is prohibitively slow (particularly on first start).
The one redeeming quality portableapps has is the ability to start other apps when it starts. I don't envision this feature would be in the best interests for FARR as it would slow down the program's startup (which is impressively fast by the way!) but it provides excellent utility especially when combined with Portable Extension Warlock or Coffee, or utils like CapShift and AlwaysMouseWheel, Autohotkey,... (my EVERY TIME apps). To get around this I'm using a batch file listing my 'default apps' that FARR launches. Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to use workarounds though?


The ideal feature as I see it would be the ability to create an alias with the apps that the user wants to start and have a checkbox option to "launch all". When they type in "myapps" and hit enter all the programs that match the alias would start.

Alternatively, create an alias as usual and have a hotkey option (Ctrl + Enter or some such)after the search is run to launch every returned result (This would make the feature extensible to ANY results).

I'm keen to hear your thoughts/opinions,

I'm glad you revived this thread since I think this has been solved for a while now.

You can combine multiple things to run on one line of an alias result by separating them with ;;;

But I think what you really want is the ctrl+alt+enter, which says to launch every result currently listed.

Let me know if that solves your request.

I keep meaning to look into making farr capable of loading PortableApps configuration files or similar things to make it an easier drop in replacement for that.  any suggestions about that would be welcome.


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