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[feature request] multiple run

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since i lost my PM to josh where there was about 10 feature requests...

i'm gonna do it again  :(

here is the feature request of the day :

multiple run !!!
in my opinion, this one is a must, since it allows :

1) multiple runs (obvious  :D)
2) On screen display (mouser could add an on screen display util, so people could make FARR a little bit sexier, by adding on screen display messages)
3) Sounds ! (play a sound when launching a result, that can be fun ;))

Why would you need a multirun? What's the potential uses?

can you explain what this would do?

 :huh: ok let me elaborate... (since i and others already asked for this feature several times i thought it was pretty obvious)

the request is to be able to run multiple commands within one result

examples :
Launch my favorite sites | AND AND

Open my favorite apps | c:\program files\app1\app1.exe AND c:\program files\app2\app2.exe AND c:\program files\app3\app3.exe

Open the calculator | c:\program files\calc\calc.exe AND c:\program files\osd.exe "Launching calculator" AND c:\program files\sounds.ahk "Launching calculator"
(osd.exe being a on-screen message system, and sounds.ahk being a script playing various sounds)

you can imagine thousands of use ...
Open my app | c:\program files\app\app.exe AND c:\program files\counter.exe
(counter.exe being used to count the number of time the app is opened)

Open app | c:\program files\app\app.exe AND C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\FindAndRunRobot.exe -search other alias
(doing something then relaunch FARR...)

it just adds many many possibilities to FARR

yeah, not too hard to add.. of course if you wanted to do it now you could just put that list of programs to launch in a .bat file and have farr launch the batch file.


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