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Is the new Zune upgrade really an upgrade?

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Eh, the Cowon is only 8GB at best, which sells for $ 219. IPod is available in 60 GB models, even the older ones. When using flac, more space is needed to carry the same number of songs. I think that the only way I can be convinced to buy a cowon is if they make 60 GB models. 8GB is far too less for flacs.
-icekin (November 17, 2007, 12:20 AM)
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They do have 20 & 30GB models (the X5(20/30) & M5(20) ones), but it isn't 60 as you say so it that's a requirement it would probably be best to look elsewhere. Still, I'm sure there has to be other companies delivers similar functionality in their devices. Oh and also, I do know that some of the Cowon modles can use SD/MMC cards to extend the storage, so that could be an option as well I suppose.

I always like to root for Cowon. I hope they do well. Incidentally, their offices are across the street from me. :)

I'm still debating what to get next though. I'm sick of my iPod Nano. It really kind of sucks. Battery life is crap. Dial is very finicky and overly sensitive. Resets positions when I'm x minutes into a 1 hour podcast and not sure exactly where... iTunes sucks. Grrr... I just want something that works right and is easy to use. The iPod falls short there. I've been thinking about the new Zune, but I'll wait for more reviews. I'm in no real rush as my iPod Nano battery still lasts an astounding 2 hours and sometimes even as much as 2.5 hours on a full charge!  :-\

If you think the Dial in the Nano is finicky, you have to try the latest generation. A disaster. Add to this the small size of the player, and you can say Apple killed their best iPod product. I have big hands and fingers, though, so there may reside some of my problems with the tiny player.

You may want to take a look to the Sansa e200 Series, they look pretty good.

There are still independent musicians and others who want to share the music that they make with others, but without the Zune "3 plays" restriction. Right click on a music file, click on the “Details” tab, and then change the Genre to “Podcast” as shown below. Click “okay”, and the 3-play restriction is void.

Of course this little workaround should only be used on songs that you’ve recorded, or ones which you have permission to do so - says © CyberNet | CyberNet Forum

Ralf Maximus:
I am unclear: is this a way to bypass DRM on the consumer side, or something that the artist does to make their stuff immune to DRM?


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