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Is the new Zune upgrade really an upgrade?

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Well... humans have free will so... it's both things.

Ralf Maximus:
But I mean, is this something the artist does BEFORE the file is distributed, or something anyone with a Zune can do?

Seems like a huge (and obvious) DRM hole if the latter, which is why I asked.

Is something anyone which knows how to click the right button of their mouse, select "Properties", "Advanced" and change the music genre of the file can do. So, yes, an obvious and HUGE DRM hole. Which would be fixed by the next firmware, anyway, unless Microsoft wants to fight the RIAA and all the pack (they would get all my support).

Which would be fixed by the next firmware, anyway
-Lashiec (December 11, 2007, 08:49 AM)
--- End quote ---
Why not. It's just one more item added to the list of features removed by the "upgrade".

One caveat though. This has to be done before the song is shared.


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