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Change Desktop Folder

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Maybe it does not work, because I am running XP SP1.

This is from my last Post

* where you can relocate Desktop Files as a "separate folder" in your hard drive

* where you can select a Desktop Profile with a Zoom In and Zoom Out Function (Zoom Out is the Desktop Selector or an overview of all profiled desktops, Zoom In is the current selected desktop with shortcuts/files/folders/orThemes)

* a Profile Desktop is generally to organize your files from Work/Projects/Gaming/Internet/ETC as it is very useful for people whose desktop is full of files/folders

.. the idea is just to switch desktop.. (I think, tapping the edge of the desktop or a backspace to go back to overview mode..)

.. and to relocate the desktop in a separate folder (e.g. D:\Desktop\productive_desktop\)

.. overview mode, as i can see it, will only act as a shortcuts to the profiled desktop folders.. ideas: widgets, image maps ~ any imaginations

.. RE: "Virtual Desktop" = nope, this is using only 1 taskbar for opened windows and just browsing a different desktop folders..

i think the problem is, it cannot change the desktop(as i didnt successfully changed mine using the script [compiled from autohotkey] - im using xp sp2), i think how about covering them with an explorer like apps to function like desktop profile.. but i know it would be hard..

DesktopX is too complex, and only the switching is needed.. i know alot of people has dirty desktop, and this is a very good solution.

btw, im shock, that people here are good and responsive..

this might help.. i hope(the last part):
--- End quote ---

Maybe a combination of something like this:

With a couple scripts from here to make it like you want it.......

At the moment I use Yodm, but I just want a more lightweight program.

This one almost got it.. the idea changed to "not affecting the real desktop.." but this one wasnt able to drag items on that floating desktop..

also check this good apps site


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