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Change Desktop Folder

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Is WorkDeskXP in english?

yes..  :)

but still.. not the one i'm looking for..

I have also been experimenting with this code, to see if I could get something useful.
But nevertheless, it seems I am stuck with three problems.
1) sometimes multiple desktop refreshes are needed.
2) after having refreshed the desktop, another refresh (f5 etc) is needed to see changes - for instance copying and deleting files on the desktop
3) icon positions are not saved
I have tried to use other methods of writing to the registry and also other methods of refreshing the desktop.

Has anyone got any further?

Got a new idea which doesn't involve registry editing. It works, but I hadn't had time to test further yet if it solves any problems.
The idea is to use the subst command to create a virtual drive.
For instance: subst k: "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop
This creates a drive which points to the usual Desktop folder.
Then I can just let the desktop folder location be drive k:
If I want to switch desktop folder, then I just delete virtual drive k:
subst k: /d
and create a new one pointing on another folder:
subst k: "C:\Documents and Settings\username\anotherDesktopFolder

To go along with inshadow, I have tried his idea and it works great. I have not had any time to try to put it into a program yet, but if you want to see how it works you can do this.

Change the registry so it points to say....k: for the desktop folder then maybe create a batch file that has the following in it:
subst k: /d
subst k: "whatever folder"

Using it this way will require a logoff/on.

I would create a couple of those batch scripts and put different destination folders. After the initial logoff/on all that is required after running the batch file is to press F5

I will see if I can get a minute to throw a script together unless someone beats me to it....


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