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ESET Smart Security

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It's out.

So, will it be the first truly good security suite, or will it fail like any other before? Oh, and NOD32 3.0 was also released as well.

The list of features in the new firewall module:

ESET Smart Security's Personal firewall provides bidirectional, stateful firewall protection with intrusion detection features. The three operational modes are:

* Normal mode: Provides unobtrusive protection for everyday use without requiring an understanding of firewall technology or complex configuration.
* Advanced mode: Provides power users with an interface for firewall customization.
* Policy-based: Allows the administrator to set and deliver a customized policy configuration for the firewall (Only available in the Business Edition).
All modes provide protocol filtering and intrusion detection.

A powerful feature of ESET Smart Security's Personal firewall is the ability to mark specific programs as being network-aware, in addition to web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Using this feature, it is possible to identify and mark an application which can be used over a network (such as Microsoft Word) for far more rigorous heuristic checking of any network connections used by the application.

--- End quote ---

And in the spam filter:

The Antispam feature provides a highly reliable defense against annoying spam, as well as protection against email-borne threats that share many traits with normal spam.

Antispam utilizes both client- and server-based rules to provide up-to-the-minute spam prevention not attainable by other solutions requiring a continuous stream of downloads for detection.

--- End quote ---

The antivirus continues to be the same as before, but with "Enhanced proactive scanning technology" and "Improved ‘in memory’ cleaning of threats". Ya know, the usual tweaks to the engine, as 2.7 was the one who brought a real breakthrough in the scanning engine, with the addition of ThreatSense heuristics algorithms.

ESET Smart Security
via CyberNet News

So how can I get a copy to try it and

what, if any, is the upgrade policy?


Carol Haynes:
Free trials are on the download page at

I read their site and upgrading from NOD32 is probably possible - but I wish they would learn to speak English on their website instead of pure Geek!

I presume this is the (UK) page but it isn't totally clear to me ...

Personally I am sticking with NOD32

I have high hopes for the Eset Smart Security, and if my expectations are met within a year, I will most likely adopt the "smart" suite October 2008 when both my NOD32 and my Outpost Pro license expires - such giving Eset time to further improve the suite.  I think the price-jump from NOD32 is fair, acceptable, ~ from $40 to $60.

Edit: Maybe in a year also the Scandinavian reseller will have discovered Smart Security, and will actually offer it!! Not even the very name, Smart Security, is to be found at the Danish site!! - which is a problem as long as potential buyers are being auto-redirected to their national reseller.

Free trials are on the download page at Haynes (November 06, 2007, 09:58 AM)
--- End quote ---

Unless I am really missing something, all you can download on that page is their antivirus, not their smart suite. I agree with you completely though on their horrific web site.



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