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ESET Smart Security

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Carol Haynes:
Try this page then -

It doesn't seem to be on the main site. I only found this after a tortuous bunch of links via the UK shop and the UK version of the website.

Edit: another address is trial, you must register if purchased.

Thanks for all your effort. I am currently downloading the software.

First thoughts of Scot Finnie:

But I've made a decision in the opposite direction about Eset Smart Security suite. Take a pass on this one. The firewall seems very pedestrian; it's able to handle only three of the leaktests on my list of 17. And what's with the antispam module? That doesn't belong in a package like this. The best thing about Eset Smart Security is Nod32 3.0 and the fact that you can turn the other two modules off.

--- End quote ---

I suppose that means the firewall is secure enough. I don't like that he now focuses in leak testing before usability. Oh well, I think Ken knows better about this, after all his past fights with Comodo ;)

That's often a problem with all suites - one or two good modules and the rest added "because you need it to compete"

It used to be a firewall was a packet filter, and you had other tools to watch for trojans, leaks, registry changes. Now a firewall is supposed to block all these.

It used to be a virus scanner was about protecting from viruses but now they need a spyware and spam module too...


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