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Acronis True Image OR maybe not ???

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I could have sworn I saw a thread here about the update to Acronis True Image 11
but cant find it with forum search or FF search plugin

Anyways, I was quite happy with DriveImage XML
but I guess the incremental aspect is worth forking out for (harddrives are cheap, but not that cheap) *

I've read various places now that Acronis release very buggy updates,
take a long time to fix bugs &/or fix & call it an update & charge accordingly.

I'm wondering can the people :) recommend another company/product that is more user friendly & does the incremental thing?

* I mean I dont know how often people do images (do you do an image or make it :P)
- from the Vista or XP thread  -

TrueImage does incremental and differential backups for images as well as at file level. If you want to be able to restore your system complete with installed apps the imaging is the only way to do it. I agree that you should get a "just installed image" of your system but for daily/weekly/monthly backups (however often you choose to do it ... and that reminds me ...) increments for the image are ideal. You can use it like a System Restore (albeit a bit slower but works properly) and has certainly been a life saver for me at times.

Ideally you need a cycle of something like:

Baseline Backup 1 ... Inc 1 ... Inc 2 ... Inc 3 ... .... ... Inc n (however long you want to keep this up)
Baseline Backup 2 ... Inc 1 ...etc.
Baseline Backup 3 (at which point all the increments for backup 1 become a bit irrelevant).

Generally I try to keep the current and last two baseline backups - but only one set of previous backup increments. That way I can wind back to recent daily backups but also jumpt straight back a few weeks to if a problem arises that seems to have started a while ago but was hidden.-Carol Haynes (September 18, 2007, 04:22 AM)
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Well... the bad news is that Acronis does seem to have a high number of "bugs" to work out with each release and that there are always very vocal people complaining about them on their forum. The good news is that True Image has never failed me, I've never been "bitten" by one of the bugs, and the upgrades are about 40% off (and you can skip versions and not have to pay a penalty when you buy your next upgrade - i.e. going from version 9 to 11 is the same price as going from 10 to 11). If you go for the higher end Workstation version they offer maintenance contracts that are actually cheaper than the yearly (they are like clockwork) paid upgrades to the Home version - on the order of about 50% cheaper...

The newest version of Acronis True Image (v11) has the ability to let you exclude certain files and folders from the full drive imaging.

To me this is sort of the holy grail of drive imaging that i have been waiting for, as it lets you do a true drive image and yet still mark certain giant folders or files you dont care about to be ignored.  Well done Acronis  :Thmbsup:

I could have sworn I saw a thread here about the update to Acronis True Image 11
but cant find it with forum search or FF search plugin-tomos (September 22, 2007, 03:46 PM)
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It's here, Tom!

Carol Haynes:
If you are using Windows XP check out

True Image 9 is pretty good (and stable now) and for $8 ...


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