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Can anyone recommend any good:

1.  Add-ons...
2.  COM or other components...
3.  Copy protection software in general?

Also, I am specifically looking for one I saw "back in the day."  It was called "Bit" something I am almost positive.  I cannot for the life of me find it though.

Any luck?

General Software Discussion / Re: Learnin Javascript
« on: August 24, 2007, 02:28 PM »
You should write a book.  You are much clearer then Mr. Flanagen.

You know, I have thought about it, but I simply *do not*have enough experience in my book (no pun intended).  I can write the hell out of some tutorials though!   ;D

I thank you for all your help.

You are quite welcome.  Post back if you have more problems.

General Software Discussion / Re: Learnin Javascript
« on: August 24, 2007, 01:36 AM »
I truly don't understand  the difference between Javascript and CSS. Flanagan's book came.. I'm beginnig to think he might as well have written it in Greek.  But since I am retired now I have plenty of time to see what I can learn.

OK, but seriously, do yourself a favor and learn at least the *difference* between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  I will give you a *quick* rundown.

HTML - A markup language used to actually comprise the content and structure of a Web page.

CSS - Another language similar to a markup language that defines the style of your Web page or how the elements in your HTML Web page will look.

JavaScript - An interpreted scripting language that allows you to add behaviors to your HTML Web page that may or may not be styled with CSS.

The Holy Trinity - Content, Style, and Behavior.

I tried to use a  GIF file that is on my HD instead of the URL. I changed URL(" xx")  to
   file("c:\map.gif");    as in # 3 above . It did not work. Is the syntax for files different than URL's ? 

OK, a couple things.

1.  Using a GIF is just fine.  No biggie.

2.  Do not just guess.  Programming or coding if you will is not an area where you just want to pull guesswork.  You say you are retired so you should have plenty of time to study this.

3.  Whether files, or HTTP address, or FTP address, *all* are considered valid URLs.  And anyway, it does not change, it is still:


So in your example it would be:

Code: CSS [Select]
  1. background-image: url("file:///C:/map.gif");

Remember, URLs utilize forward slashes "/" whereas as directory structures use "\" in Windows.

At any rate I do thank you for all the time and effort. This website and forum has
great people on it.

No problem, ljbirns.  Just pay us back by studying.  I know of a quote that I really like.

"Chance favors the prepared mind." --Louis Pasteur

Hey Cpilot, they have a code block for FBSL too (in case you didn't already know).
No I didn't fowmow, I'll check it out.
Usually I just open an instance of notepad and throw a script together.

Oh!  By "code block" I meant when you put source code here.  Instead of just using:

[ code ][ /code ] can use:

[ code=fbsl ]...[ /code ]

Minus all the spaces of course!

Thanks for the Link to the FBSL ONLINE STUDIO COMPILER, I'd lost it actually.  :Thmbsup:

No problem, Cpilot!

Clever idea CPilot  :up: :up:
Now where is that online fbsl to exe  service that used to be available?

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