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Finished Programs / Re: r4r - Lightweight media player
« on: August 17, 2007, 01:48 AM »
Wow, you're going to love this.  I opened it back up to play with it a bit more and this is what I saw:


You must not do much programming if you've never ran across or heard of some obscure library that has poor documentation.

I wonder if such a beast exists?  If not, I think I'd like to lay claim to the idea right now.

Basically, as a programmer, beginner or otherwise, you may not always know what function exists within what header or may not be able to comprehend the contents of a header file.

Wouldn't a program that reads a header and gives you a common use for it be a grand application for a programmer, beginner or otherwise?

For example, taken from stdio.h:

_CRTIMP int __cdecl printf (const char*, ...);

Um, say what?  Does it really matter that it is a constant pointer to some text to a beginning programmer?  Not really.  And knowing this in the beginning to me is not that big of a deal because pointers is something that should be learned on their own and otherwise, variable and type defining is another thing that should be learned separately.

Instead the program would output something like:

printf("Here is a string: %s", sVar);
%s represents a string and will be replaced with the variable or constant that you provide printf.
sVar represents any valid string reference or constant.

So, the idea is something like API Viewer, only for headers.  However, I would enable the ability to create custom views allowing other types of files as well.  For example, keywords and keyword definitions so someone could define the way another type of "header" is written, thereby enabling this program to read and display that information as well.  Also, it would overcome the shortcomings of API Viewer by being a friendly and intuitive application for beginners as well as advanced programmers.

I have several other ideas and features for the program, but those are mine to share only with those who might contribute to the program's birth, fixes, and upgrades.

So, does something like this exist in some form already?  Again, if not, it's my idea!   :P

General Software Discussion / Re: Learnin Javascript
« on: August 11, 2007, 05:25 AM »
This is something that comes up at least ten times every month or so in the newsgroup comp.lang.javascript.  I'll refer you to that FAQ for now.

I'll say this about David Flanagan's book though.  I've read the 3rd edition and am currently reading the 5th.  It is simple enough to understand, but bounces back and forth in my opinion.  Also, it doesn't discuss advanced topics at all.  Or at least, nothing you couldn't find on a fairly decent resource site.

I would recommend it for an absolute beginner though.  I'll say this as well, download the errata and pay attention when something doesn't go right.  It's most likely a typo in the book.

If using Internet Explorer, I recommend Microsoft Script Editor.
If using Firefox, I recommend Firebug.

Also, Venkman might be a wise addition to your arsenal.

Depending on your level of expertise and understanding of technical documents you could view the latest revision of the ECMAScript revision or better yet, ISO/IEC 16262, which is basically the updated ECMAScript.

Also, an indispensable resource for JavaScript is the Mozilla Gecko pages at:

I listed the root site so you could see all of the available technologies and areas of interest.  Merely click JavaScript if that is your only interest and you're off.  Oh, and a JavaScript programmer *must* be aware of the DOM.  So I'd suggest delving into the DOM category as well.

Good luck!

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