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Link note:
Create a link to any file for quick access to that file

That is referring to external files.

You would have to have a way to create a contact note structure.
And an event or call log structure.

Within Rightnote.
And link the two together.

Airtable does this easily with its online database/spreadsheet metaphor, so that is my current try (2500 records free.)

With Windows programs, of course the Filemaker and Alpha 5 type of program does this.  Maybe GS-Base on the simpler end, I have not tried its internal linking yet.  It does do well with an extended/large note fields within the single database.

I don't know if any of the RightNote, Mybase types of programs can do this.

General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: June 04, 2018, 09:21 AM »
> (This is in addition to using Linoit as the visual traffic cop.)

Protopage has user-sizable RTF notes, that you can lay out on a page, and it also has a tab structure., and direct urls to each tab. The editor is decent, create web link is there.  And other widgets can be on the same page, e.g. for simple bookmarks or RSS feeds.

The boxes are far more RTF configurable than Linoit (for which only the box itself,  can be configured for color of font, size of font and background color. Within the box, everything is fixed.)

For now, those are my two leaders for visual note-taking and visual quick-access. 

While I poke around with Evernote, Wunderlist and word processing documents for most of the rest.

(Sidenote: I do like using AirTable for a custom contact manager that can easily url documents, email and stuff.)

For me, the full page-with-boxes view is a primary consideration.  The Linoit metaphor has helped, and I think a port to Protopage (if I decide that way) would be a couple of hours.

Both programs seem solid on your choosing private, public, sharing.

Protopage is thought of as a start page, but I am quite impressed with its versatility.  I actually was looking at it as my RSS and podcast feed locale, where it "feels" more flexible and pleasant.  Then I noticed the RTF notes feature.

Linoit wants $3/month for a real full-blown search (a necessity over time.) Not sure if the Protopage situation will push me to something similar.  These fees I do not mind.

I looked around the Window PIMs and did not see anything that looked great.  Usually they are note oriented, too free-form, or they are overly structured PIMS.  A few have tablet and/or web accessibility. They do not really think in terms of an event or call log, like you would have in Act! or GoldMine and those software choices. Those are sales-centric.

So I went into Airtable, so far it is a pleasant surprise. The field data types, linking files, are all reasonably robust and intuitive. I used a tempate for personal CRM and quickly tailored it to my needs.  More planned.  I think it will become my all-purpose PIM, personal, Bible research, business and more. You've got checkboxes, tags and all sorts of goodies, and a pleasant interface.

Next I will create the "Event" file and link it to the "Contacts" file and see how it looks.

Oh, it has all sorts of connections, to web spots, email and such, where the field can bring up the Google Doc, the place, the Gmail specific one, and stuff like that. 

This is a bit of a new genre, and I was impressed .. so far.  Active community forum, too.

On the iPad it will not let you work through the browser, so far the App looks good, although they may not duplicate the geek efforts to make structure, I have not checked that yet.

Would there be a way to mold a Rightnote into a contact manger with call-note log.

Clearly the table-spreadsheet function could be used as a contact manager, but to have a call-note log you have to relate a contact to their events.

Is there a way to get this from the Rightnote functionality?

Looks good.

Working with that, I decided to make myself a LinoIt page.

Writer's Tools

The page moves up and down - dragged - to see more.

I have it set for now that only I can change or adjust boxes.
If I start getting the page too full, I break it up to two different urls with simple toggle-url capability.

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