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 ;) I didn't think so  :-[
Well to please you? How about just tribal? Is that better? >:(

I would! But try to make it cool, and not clashy with all colors, Pastel would be goodor tribal even better!  :)  I don't ask for much do I  :D
But I would put it on my truck any day  :Thmbsup:

Well I quit! I gave it my didn't work  :'( I've been beaten by a piece of software :(

Well I uninstalled, then installed an older version, and it found all the photo's. I then closed and reopened it, and it scanned again, and my pictures disappeared again. So I found in options a dinky place where you can set it to ALWAYS scan, which was on (and a new feature I believe?).
So I downloaded the newest version, again, and was not able to use any tools when you first start it up, so it scanned, found and all was good. I then was able to set the option to only scan once, and cringed the whole time it RE SCANNED AGAIN! But the photo's where left there!
Then I turned on the detect any new images, and shut her down. I just opened it up again and it is SCANNING again!  :-\ I hope my photo's are still there when it is done in about 25 minutes  :down:
See WHY I want a different program?  :P
Karly  :huh:

The problem I have with putting the pictures in a zip, which I have tested with just 1 photo, is the GB, gmail, and my dial up. That 1 photo, zipped, took 20 minutes to send!  :'( ( and was 1.17 mb )
And I than you so much for your advice y'all  :Thmbsup:
I have fiddled with every button avaulable lol...they are just "gone!" But the thing of it is, that EVERY time I open it up, it re searches for them. Then does what I explained.
I was thinking about seeing if I could find an older version, if this wouldn't happen.
What a bummer! I wish there were more than just this program that does everything Picasa does :(

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