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What it does, is after it finds all of my pictures, they are there in folders, and then viola! They are gone!
Everysingle time I open the program up it scans the pc for those same said photo's, put's them in folders, then they disappear.
I've done everything I know...deleted and downloaded a new copy, made sure there are no bug fixes available, stared for minutes on end clicking every button to see where my photo's have gone  :-\
Nothing has helped as of yet. Even the fresh download does the same thing.
Very frustrated karly >:(

Just like Picasa, that isn't working anymore  :tellme:
I cant find anything that will find, organise, and then compress my photo's for fast emailing through gmail.
I find ones for yahoo and hotmail and outlook express, but nothing else for gmail.
Does anybody know of anything like this? I am desperate to send a TON of photo's and cant!
Any advise would be very much appreciated! :Thmbsup:
karly  :)

I just love you guys  :-* I may not be that knowledgable about all of this, but I have found a few programs that I adore  :D Keep up the hard, but excellent work y'all!
karly  :)

This was a great news letter for me! I downloaded noise.exe because my computer will log me off if not active  :-[ And the discovery of was great! I joined and I love it already! I am now finishing up the news letter and am going to read 101 blogging essentials.
Keep up the great work guys! :Thmbsup:

Ah! Thank you, I was just fixing to write when I saw your reply  :-[ I AM getting it now at my new addy  :Thmbsup:
Sorry about that! :-[

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