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I'm helping a friend with the following setup: two machines, one a laptop running XP, the other a desktop running ME.  The printer is plugged into the desktop machine, and he wants to be able to print from it from the laptop.  I have installed a wireless router for the laptop's internet access, while the desktop has a wired connection with the router.  The machines aren't currently networked together.  Can the DonationCoder hivemind help me get this working? 

My biggest problem is probably the fact that I'm offsite and needing to direct him by email and telephone, and I have no access to a Windows machine at the moment, so I'm needing to do it by memory and by Googling.  Though my searches are turning up lots of apparently relevant articles and sets of instructions, he's not getting results in following them, which leaves me wondering if this is just not possible between these versions of Windows?

Thanks for any help!

General Software Discussion / Re: Excel formula help?
« on: June 29, 2007, 06:58 AM »
Query options in the mail merge!  Query options in the mail merge!  Great!  Now I have a pristine Word doc with correct text...  Next step: a Word macro to make email messages of this doc...  Still after any suggestions if others can help...

General Software Discussion / Re: Excel formula help?
« on: June 29, 2007, 02:52 AM »
Thanks to all for your excellent help.  I have now worked out the Excel end of the process - it required several steps and IF... THENS, but it produces a usable list of pages for each author at the end.  What I did in the end was to use a formula to check when there was a new person in the author list, and then a formula to isolate the pages of each new author, and then a formula to format that list of pages. 

But now there's the Word end of it...  Mail-merge isn't built to do agile logic - at the moment, my Excel sheet uses a column to aggregate the list of each person's pages in a cell on the last line of their name (makes sense?), and where they have multiple pages, each individual cell above that list is left blank (still with me?).  So I want Word to skip these blank lines, and only mail-merge lines which have data in this particular cell - which data is the formatted list of pages... 

Phew!  This is complicated - but at the moment we're having to cut and paste a few hundred emails each month, and if I can get this to work it'll have been an afternoon very well spent!  Thanks again for any help.

General Software Discussion / Excel formula help?
« on: June 28, 2007, 10:34 AM »
I have a list of people's names and web addresses in Excel.  I am trying to make a Word mail-merge doc that sucks this info from Excel.  In the Excel sheet, some people have just one web address to their name, but others have 5 or 6, each of which is currently listed on a separate line.  I would like a formula that will combine all the pages belonging to each person, including a line break after each address, so that it's all clear and formatted when Word gets hold of it.  Es possible?  Any guidance much appreciated!

i have a big excel file - about 1,000 entries.  it's used for logging names of people responsible for the web-pages i keep up to date.  there's a review-date set for each page, and so every few months i need to write to each person and ask them to check for accuracy, etc., and let me know of any changes that need to be made.

i'm in the process of putting together a word mail merge document that can suck data out of the excel file.  i've got it to work with a single line, but i'm confused about how i can make it work where a person is responsible for several pages.  each page will be on a separate line in the excel file, and i expect there is something boolean that i can do, but i can't figure it...

i want it to check if the name in the 'person responsible' field recurs, and if so to insert the merge field again, and if not move onto the next name in the 'person responsible', and generate a new copy of the letter addressed to that name.  got it?  have i?  or am i asking the wrong question?

any help much appreciated!

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