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works for me in firefox on a mac.

I don't have a scanner, but here's a link to the page previews on Amazon so that you can at least take a look - I think you'll need an Amazon account to view the pages:

I thought you'd just helped me solve a mystery!  Has anyone read Jonathan Safran Foer's 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close'?  It's an interesting book for a whole lot of reasons, and very moving indeed.  There's a couple of pages - 269-271 - that are typed out on a telephone keypad by a character who can't speak.  The pages just consist of numbers, and it's really hard to work out phrases by just holding up a telephone and trying to make sense of them...  I thought this site might have worked, but it can only do 12 characters at a time, and it's not making any sense of the first 12 from page 269...  I've googled, and others have also tried to work out the meaning of these pages, but I haven't (so far) found a full translation - anybody have any other ideas?

A postcard from Macland:

Installing and removing software on OS X is easier and cleaner than on a PC - you generally just drag the program into your Applications folder to install, and uninstalling just requires dragging the program out of your Applications folder and dumping it in the trashcan.  However, having only very recently moved to the Happy Isle of Macland, and having for years had a Windows registry bowing under the heavy weight of a long history of installed and removed programs, I've wondered if drag-uninstalling was removing everything.  And then I heard of Appzapper this weekend (in this discussion of the Top Ten Most Beautiful Mac Apps:  It's not only a pretty face, though it certainly is that: start it up and you get a dropbox by means of which you can uninstall any program by simply drag-n-dropping its icon onto the dropbox - Appzapper lists all the elements of the program scattered around your system, and then you just click Zap and it removes all traces of that program.  It's a brilliant, easy to use interface, and it's even quite fun to uninstall things, because the screen momentarily flashes and there's a little zapping sound.  Highly recommended for Mac users!

I found Office 2007 Beta to be excellent, and had I kept on my Windows machine, I would certainly have upgraded - after just a few hours of playing with it, returning to Office 2003 was difficult.

But having now switched to Mac, and faced with the prospect of paying again for Office, I've opted for Nisus Writer Express for my word-processing needs, and I think I can get by with Google Spreadsheets for the other part of Office that's sometimes been useful to me.

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