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Circle Dock / Request for MultiInstanceCircleDock
« on: November 13, 2009, 08:56 AM »
Wow, great Mark, eclipse is really beautiful.
A little problem, when I move mouse pointer on an icon the label appear but if the icon have a transparent area, also in center, the label disappear and the click fault, the same problem I wrote about start menu. It's not a real problem so if it's difficult to fix don't worry.

Request for multiple instance: Instead running CircleDock.exe can you run a window setting for multiple instance (es. MultiCircleDock.exe)? When starts the first time appear a window settings like my screenshot where create add administrate new instances. To show new windows you can add an option in CD normal setting.
Windows autorun start MultiCircleDock hidden and then it starts all the instances. In CD you can change only a thing adding an option arg (CircleDock.exe /nameInstance) where nameInstance are the user titles and subfolder with settings. Or you can add a MultiCircleDock.exe an arg to start hidden for autorun but when you click in start menu it's show the window

Circle Dock / Lingua Italiana
« on: October 23, 2009, 05:43 AM »
Ciao a tutti,
  ecco il file della lingua tradotto da me per la versione 1.0 di CD.
La nuova versione contiene gia' 2 file tradotti in italiano ma automaticamente da google e da bing e sincermante e' meglio in inglese allora ho posto rimedio.
Ho fatto tutto in fretta perche' devo andare via 10 giorni per lavoro percio' ci possono essere vari errori, vi prego di comunicarmeli. Comunicatemi anche se qualche cosa e poco chiare o se avete suggerimenti.

Stranamente qualcosa non viene tradotta e ne parlero a Mark ma se trovate scritte in inglese vi prego di segnalarle.

Circle Dock / Many background and and CircleDock Clone
« on: October 22, 2009, 04:17 AM »

Circle Dock / [SOLUTION] Shortcut won't work
« on: August 15, 2009, 03:19 AM »
Greetings all.
First of all, thanks to Vip for this wonderfull and usefull dock.
I'm new and this is my first post in English forum, I'm Italian, but I found the problem regarding the Shortcut.
When you drag and drop a link or exe on CircleDock, it find the name of application (the same exe or the exe in link) and write it in CD item. In item there is a bug, it is no present the working directory so the program when search this argument find the CD working directory and crash. Some program may work because the working directory is in windows register.
SOLUTION: Very very simple:
0 - If you have an exe you must create a link where you want but remember you don't erase or move it. The better choice is to create the link in the same exe folder.
1 - Drag and Drop the link in CircleDocklet, so you have the program icon.
2 - Right Click on the new Item and click "Item settings"
3 - Replace Target with link adding to the right .lnk
It's all. The windows link make a bridge between CD and program so the link set the right working directory.

To reduce the work I suggest to rename the link to the name of your program  (Es: pcsx2-beta-1474.exe -> pcsx2-beta-1474) so when you edit item settings you can only replace .exe to .lnk

C:\Program Files (x86)\Pcsx2\pcsx2-beta-1474.exe
- Copy exe and paste link in C:\Program Files (x86)\Pcsx2\
- Italian Win Vista create "pcsx2-beta-1474.exe - collegamento" (collegamento: link)
- Rename "pcsx2-beta-1474.exe - collegamento" to "pcsx2-beta-1474"
- Drag and Drop the link in CD
- Right click -> Item Settings -> target "C:\Program Files (x86)\Pcsx2\pcsx2-beta-1474.exe"
- Rename in target exe to lnk: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Pcsx2\pcsx2-beta-1474.lnk"
That's all.

Error es:
Link on desktop: Pcsx2
- Drag and drop Pcsx2 link in CD
- Edit Pcsx2 item
- Rename target to "C:\Document and Setting\...\Desktop\Pcsx2.lnk"
- All work
- Someday later the memory fly away  ^__^ and you delete the desktop link so pcsx2 in CD never Work
I' suggest to create a link in the same exe folder.

p.s. Another thing: CD dock folder confonde me and StandAlone Docklet, in my opinion, is wonderfull only in linear dock so I use a simple trick to have many icon ordered with CD. I create with AutoHotkey ahk script file and I drag and drop this file in one Circle dock that I open with muose button. The ahk open other CircleDock so I have six CD open at the same time ^___^ With ahk script you can move mouse where you want so i can also open in every screen corner or border without automatic toogling. No limit to the imagination.

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