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Circle Dock / Error: when moving CD folder in the center
« on: March 06, 2010, 05:52 AM »
 when I move a CD folder in the center to move to parent folder I have this error:
06-03-2010 12-44-44.png

Then I moved one item at a time (I tried to move the folder each icon removed and I had same error) and then the empty folder with no error.
Then I tried with the new folder with the same items and same error but no error so for me the problem now is solved.
I report anyway the error for future problems

Since I have not reproduced the error I report a screenshot of my inspector when there was the error
06-03-2010 13-16-52.png

   when  I was doing some move experiments I played with some instructions to obtain this: Spiral Shape. :D
Total customizable:
  - Distance between icons
  - Distance between spires
  - Type of spiral
  - Drag and Drop allowed  maintaining shape
  - Three rotation mode
  - Fusion with my other app for multiple instance:

THIS IS AN ALPHA VERSION (only for expert, use at own risk):
-there are other thing to do and to test
-only spiral is allowed in the
-The new CD drag element ability is not enable in this alpha
-Multiple CD is not test. I change many thing so instruction in my "multi CD" pages are not correct, I change it when I have more time.

Ok, in rar file you can find an exe and a config file. The following line are an example of configuration if single CD
-name Main
-path C:\Users\MYUser\games\CircleDock.exe
-circle 1
-shape spiral
-key F9
-modifiers ctrlalt
In this version there are NOT error check so You must to be sure to use -option with right word like the one in config file.
-name is the name of CD. This parameter must be unique for all CD because its used as parameter to call other CD from parent CD. If You add an CDCompanion.exe to one CD with argument NameYouChoose when you click on icon it opens the relative NameYouChoose CD
-path is the path name where you put CD
-shape is the shape, for now only spiral (if you don't specify this option the shape is circle)
-key is one key of keyboard, joystick or mouse button (LButton,  Rbutton, Mbutton ...) but is better you use a combo hotkey and set it to one special mouse button with its original program.
-modifiers ctrlalt Is a string with ctrl,alt,shift to use with key. (I use ctrlalt F22 set to one of my special mouse button). It's not import  the order but that is a string with the modifiers you choose. (If not used there aren't modifier)
-circle is a little complex and it is used to hide or show brothers CD (example: in one CD you add icon to call more CD with the same center. You open CD in second circle from main CD, then you open an other CD from main CD in the same circle and this with parameter CDCompanion hide the CD from second.
   CD > item1 on second circle
   CD > item2 on second circle => hide item1
    CD > item1 on second circle > item11 from second circle on third circle
    CD > item2 on second circle => hide item1 and its son  item11 and all other offspring

There are other important option that I explain in next Alpha version, It's already implemented but I don't test all so I write about it when They are more stable or tested.
Excuse me for this incremental release but I have many problem detecting original CD behaviour because it don't set the Windows style of its elements and don't use label to find it. For this reason you can NOT use nothing of the show/hide CD system, not when you click an item, nor with edge detection, nor other one. You must set CD to start hidden and then use key setted in CDCompaion or the CDCompanion item/icon to hide/show all the CD. I'm sorry for show/hide problem but CD don't signal its state so it's the same for hidden or shown.

Rotation modes:
Mode 1: all the spiral rotate on center
Mode 2 (new): the spiral don't change but the element turn exchanging thier place so:
  •    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 -> ctrl-mouseScrollDown ->
  • -> 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-1 -> ctrl-mouseScrollDown ->
  • -> 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-1-2 ....
  •    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 -> ctrl-mouseScrollUp ->
  • -> 9-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 -> ctrl-mouseScrollDown ->
  • -> 8-9-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 ....

Mode 3 (???): maybe the 2 above joined
Mode 4 (experimental): screw mode, when you turn towards center the spiral constrains progressively and when you turn away from center the spiral opens like a twister

Lemiscate (last 2 image) suggested by sgtevmckay: see below

Future Todo
  - Special spiral shape
  - Other shape

p.s. I Release this with my ohter external app  :P

26-02-2010 15-39-50.png
26-02-2010 15-38-50.png
26-02-2010 15-45-09.png
26-02-2010 15-42-50.png
26-02-2010 15-41-10.png

Lemiscate is suggested by sgtevmckay
You can change:
  • the shape of petal lengthening it or the general shape in many mode with two number 0 < b <= a
  • distance between icons in degree

There are three type of rotation:
  • Orange rotation 1: the item takes place of next/previous one
  • Orange rotation 2: the items move smoothly along the Lemiscate  
  • Purple rotation: The lemiscate rotate around his intersection
Lemniscata roto.png

I present you my new app (this is only a Preview): I want to use CD with many icon and many CD folder but I lose myself in open/close folder of different deep so I implement a new feature external to CircleDock. With my app you can use CD icons to open other CD instances in the same center of previous or in relative position and you can open many instances all together. You can configure each instance as you want, your fantasy not have limit. All the features, client and server is in only a file, very simple to use.

From principal CD you can open other two CD form one, two or more icons.

 You can open other CD from new ones to have many circles also of different shape depending on CD setting

 You can open new CD in the same place of icon (p.s. this is possible also without my app but I add other features and a new way to do this)

You can open many CDs in the same time in different position. In this image 3 CDs (with same circle value option) are opened by 3 icon but you can open more CDs from one icon. My dream: solar system shape :)

My app is still under development, this is a feature and TODO list:
- Open main CD: OK
- Open many CD: OK
- Ability to show/hide many CD according to parent circle option: OK -> test in progress
- Added circles option to hide CD when you open a new CD in circles closer to center: OK -> test in progress
- Added offset option to open new CD relative opener: OK
- New Show/Hide system:95% Very very complex, I can't use he show/hide CD system becouse it's impossible to know if CD is hidden so I find a new way but it'is very very complex.OK, It works well and fast. Now I investigate detecting CD inner show/hide. Pay attention: you can't use "Hide dock on opening files and folder" CD option otherwise the CD remain hidden. I will work on this problem but I think there isn't a solution.
- Move CD to (x,y) position: 70% 90% I find a way to move CD where you want but it's more arduous of show/hide system.
- Drag other CD with main CD: TODO
- ScreenFixed position to x,y: TODO
- Delete center button in child: TODO ??? OK
- new option to open simultaneus CD inner app: TODO, now you can open many CDs with .bat files
- config File: TODO??? now is autoconf one file but confi files is simpler for final user OK, I chose CSV file
- name: added name option to call other CD.

Future TODO:
- Gui: my real app is in java with gui and many other feature but now I have too little time so I decide to post an intermediate app.

1 - In autostart add link to manycircles.exe
2 - Install other CDs in others directory
3 - Add to CD a link "manycircles.exe" and in argument the CD path with options or name if specified in CSV

-circle: the circle of new CD, if you open new CD all others with this value >= will be hidden
-xpos: offest X from the center of the opener
-ypos: offest Y from the center of the opener
-name: name of CD
-shape: shape not supported in CD

Workin with all CircleDock Version, included.
Attention: my app is NOT a dll or exe hack but works with windows base information, NO virus, No malware, No code injection, No file modification   

p.s. Now in my pc I use an older and simpler version but I will post my app only when the new one is finished

Circle Dock / Request: corner icon overlayed
« on: November 29, 2009, 10:14 AM »
Some games have tools, mods, mod folder, starter ecc with the same icon and I spent time to create icon with an other little icon in right-bottom corner to differ each other. Mark, can you add an option in item setting to add this little icon?

Thanks, Rigel

p.s. I read that the last CD version is but in help file there isn't change log, what change?

Circle Dock / Request: Blank Icon/separator
« on: November 20, 2009, 07:35 AM »
Hi, Mark.
 Can you add a blank icon or separetor?
A simple blank icon without label or click.
A separator could be a user image which you can choose in setting windows.

p.s. For the CD arg option to choose settings dir?

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