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A superb program, which I'll be purchasing tomorrow, but I do think it could be improved by the addition of a mini/compact mode which could be opened as a separate window.

I'm thinking something like the bookmarks panel in Opera - quick search at the top and scrollable list of favs/bookmarks below.

The mini/compact mode window could be docked to the LHS of main monitor, parked on a secondary monitor and/or wherever else was handy. I think such a facility would certainly appeal to users and potential users who are used to accessing their favs/bookmarks the old fashioned way.

General Software Discussion / Re: Timeline Software
« on: August 11, 2009, 03:52 PM »

Timeline Studio

I'm not sure how many of your requirements this will meet but it's certainly worth a look.

This is not web-based although I'm told that there's a timeline hosting solution in the works.

Timeline project files are in a proprietary file format but there are import/export from/to Excel and export to Word.

Loads of features and generally pretty slick.

I heard of this one earlier in the week and dived in right away.

ShadowProtect Desktop Edition 35% Competitive Upgrade Discount.

In regards to competitive Upgrades all image back up solutions classify.

Some examples are: Back up Exec System Recovery, Acronis True Image, Echo for Server and Small Business Server.

The order of the competitive product must have happened within the last 2 year and Storagecraft will need to see a copy of the invoice/license.

I can't find a link for this so, until one appears, interested parties can email [email protected] adding "Request for StorageCraft Competitive Upgrade" as the subject line.

Mine worked out at £41.49 including the dreaded VAT, still way more expensive than the competition but then, as I did, you may think it's well worth it.

I hope this is of use to somebody.



Thanks again guys,

I'm going to give ExplorerNotes2 and Quicknote another push and see what happens.

Don't hold your breath though, if I pester too much I'll end up with 'picture but no sound' for a night or two and I really don't fancy that.  ;)

What was the problem with evernote? The fact that it was on the tray area instead of explorer context menu?

If it wasn't that, maybe we can create a simple note handler that'd work from the tray area.

Hi jgpaiva,

Nope, from memory it was just that she found it too complicated.
I have a licence for Evernote myself (though I don't use it much) and tried her with it on my machine - no joy.

The closest I came was with Acetext (one of my 'must have' apps) set to launch 'Tower' by hot-key (or tray icon) and then it's all mouse work from there - no joy, mutterings, pulling funny faces and all the rest of it.



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