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I'm sure that something like this exists, need some help. I have a lot of old photos I'm trying to organize. The look like this right now -

-- party
----- img01.jpg, img02.jpg etc
-- marriage
----- m1
-------- dsc100.jpg, dsc101.jpg etc
----- m2
-------- dsc100.jpg, dsc101.jpg etc (same name but different pics)

What I'd like to end up with is photos renamed with folder name, and date+tags from EXIF data, in those respective folders.

---- party_2015_1205_0930pm.jpg

I've tried a few renaming tools but none could do this and I didn't find any way to do this in batch mode or from cmd line, as I have a huge number of photos to process.

Any suggestions?

Hello everyone!

I still love this site and apologize for not having been very active, I have mostly been a lurker here reading all the great posts and learning from them, discovering new software etc. I'm just glad to be reminded of this by mouser, and will try to contribute more.

I will not use a non-index based search program. All the arguments about indexes taking more resources are false. Think about it.

non-index search : has to examine all files on filesystem. If it's smart it uses NTFS MFT table (like in Everything). If you need to search contents, it has no option but to open every file and search through it, over and over again for each search.

index-based search: does the same process, but only once. After that it gets updated whenever the file changes, through a file change notification, which is very efficient. The cost is just keeping the index on disk which is trivial. The advantage - much less disk access and much higher speed.

The indexing service doesn't even do much compared to other similar services on the pc that also look at the file. e.g. every time a file is touched, many things like your AV/malware program will hook into it, read the file contents, compute its signature etc.

General Software Discussion / Re: 2013 Version: Browser Wars
« on: January 30, 2013, 04:29 PM »
Chrome also insists in going out of its way to prevent me from doing certain things -

- change the location of the profile folder. I don't want it on the c: drive
- not run googleupdate.exe on startup
- no multi row tabs

I've turned off web history for my google account, but I somehow don't feel comfortable in Chrome, as if it might still be tracking me (tin foil hat on). I do like Chrome's sync feature though.

General Software Discussion / Re: 2013 Version: Browser Wars
« on: January 29, 2013, 04:27 PM »
The answer is simple - Firefox can do anything the other browsers can, and much much more, thanks to its addons. You *might* see speed differences but these are highly dependent on hardware, plugins, no. of open tabs etc, and thus not really a reliable metric.

Chrome's only virtue is that it increased competition, but it also bought about horrid UI paradigms (tabs in title bar), insane numbering schemes etc.

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