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Thanks for commenting :Thmbsup:.

Surfulater does not have any Export capability, so it isn't possible to Import it into our new app Clibu.

So, does Clibu have export functionality?

I am sorry to hear that app, I think this underlines the importance of having good export/import functionality so your data does not get locked in a proprietary format. I am a little surprised the Surfulater author apparently created a new app (Clibu) with no way to import from Surfulater?

For what it's worth, I moved from Evernote to CintaNotes, which is a lot more bare-bones, but works well for many of the type of notes I keep. Besides that I keep a development log in markdown in plain text files.

General Software Discussion / Re: Goodbye, Bitbucket!
« on: August 25, 2019, 02:35 AM »
Thanks for giving that a try Deozaan, I reported some of it on their IRC channel.

It seems the clone thing is related to what version of mercurial you are using, it failed with an error on mercurial 4.6 here, but worked with mercurial 5.1.

There does not seem to be an issue tracker for that repo (they are at, so I guess IRC or sending the author an email are the only options.

General Software Discussion / Re: Goodbye, Bitbucket!
« on: August 22, 2019, 01:53 AM »
There is much to like about sourcehut, the only thing that keeps me from using it at the moment is that patches are handled through email instead of having a web interface for pull requests.

I converted the remaining 5-6 mercurial repos I had on bitbucket to git yesterday.

I'm not sure how much (if any) this helps, but you might like to review these threads (in which I bang on about Unix comm):

Probably not much use if he wants a GUI yes, but unix tools are great for munching text, for instance in WSL on my Win10 machine:

comm -12 <(sort -u english.txt) <(sort -u danish.txt) | wc -l

sorts a 4 MB list of random english words, sorts a 2 MB list of random danish words, finds all lines in common, and counts how many, in less than a second. I would assume PowerShell is similarly effective at this.

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