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I have two major problems with Workrave, which would otherwise be exactly what I want:

1. If you aren't using keyboard or mouse constantly, you end up with longer intervals between breaks.
2. There is no simple way to disable/reenable it. Bug 501 is 6 years old.
3. It would be even better if it could automatically be disabled when using specific applications (e.g., as mentioned in the bug, full-screen games).

Yes, it's open source, but it's C++, so I won't be able to just modify it :( Are there good alternatives?

Wow, thanks!

I knew about Word's AutoText, but it doesn't really do what I need:
You can then type in the part-words you want to be auto-corrected (or auto-completed) and the full string/phrase that you want it to become
With most text editors, you don't need to specifically tell it to autocomplete this or that word: if you start typing "syn" and there are already words "syncronous" and "synchronicity" in the file, it should automatically propose completion to "syncron" (and possibly a way to choose between "syncronous" and "synchronicity" as well). Strangely, LibreOffice does it wrong: it will propose whichever of "syncronous" and "synchronicity" is more common instead of the common prefix.
Thanks, I'll try it out!

General Software Discussion / Real autocompletion in Microsoft Word
« on: October 16, 2011, 05:09 PM »
There seems to be no way to autocomplete words which occur in the edited document in Microsoft Word (see for an explanation of what I mean). Since this is absolutely essential for quickly writing text (at least for me), I assume there are at least add-ins for it, but I didn't find any :(

So, do they exist? If not, I'll have to write one myself for those times when MS Word is required...

So I changed all of my boxes to use Win + Alt + Space.
Thanks for the idea! Just switched to it from Ctrl+Shift+Space. (I used to use Win+Space on XP/Vista as well and abandoned it for the same reason.)

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