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TINMAN!!! Holy Shit - Glad to see you back man!! :D

Hey Stoic, glad to see you're still alive and kicking dood!   ;D  I can't really say that I'm "back", I just posted an update for 40hz.  I just happened to get a notice for a thread I had marked long ago and came across 40hz's message about EdX.  Small world, eh?   ;)

  I didn't have to give a photo or any other form of ID when I signed up for the course.  I'm not doing the academic diploma course, just the freebie.  That may be the reason.  If you're in another country they may also want some ID.  I suppose the only way to know for sure is to read their terms of use agreement....

  I had just started and was up to chapter 2 when they announced the new, improved update launch in December.  So I'm just holding off for now and waiting.....

  EdX is in the process of updating the Linux course, the new course will be offered on 12/20/14 and will still be free unless you want it to be accredited......

  Love the new Linux/other OS section and hope it grows from here.  I was considering not following DC since my update from XP to Ubuntu, but the new Linux section pretty much stopped that train of thought.   8)

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